Gerardo Martino Reveals the Truth About Lionel Messi’s Injury

During the press conference, a question was directed at Cata regarding the status of three players: John Wata, Gregory, and Diego Gomez. Cata informed that Diego Gomez had arrived and would begin training the next day after recovering from a previous injury and resolving a passport issue. As for Gregory, he would join the team for training in a week, also recovering well. Regarding John Wata, no specific update was provided.

The focus then shifted to Lionel Messi, where there was uncertainty about whether his absence was due to fatigue or injury. Cata mentioned they were cautious due to a previous issue but believed it wasn’t a muscle injury based on a conversation with Messi. They planned to monitor his condition in the coming days.

In conclusion, the press conference provided updates on the players’ recoveries, particularly Diego Gomez and Gregory, and addressed the concerns surrounding Lionel Messi’s absence, emphasizing the need for caution in managing his condition.

  1. What is the reason behind Lionel Messi’s absence from recent matches?

    Lionel Messi’s absence is primarily due to precautionary measures. While there is no confirmed muscle injury, the team decided to rest him as a preventive measure because he had been experiencing discomfort related to a previous injury.

  2. How are Diego Gomez and Gregory’s recoveries progressing?

    Diego Gomez has recently arrived and will start training after recovering from a previous injury and resolving passport issues. Gregory is expected to join the team for training in about a week. The team is closely monitoring both players’ recoveries to ensure they are fully fit before returning to play.