Colorado vs. USC 9/30/23 College Football Free Picks and Predictions for Week 5 | NCAAF Betting Selections

discusses the upcoming college football matchup between Colorado and USC, scheduled for September 30th, 2023. He starts by promoting his channel and best bets on their website before diving into the game analysis.

Colorado enters the game with a 3-1 record and a 2-2 record against the spread. They suffered their first loss against Oregon, losing 42-6. USC, on the other hand, is undefeated at 4-0 and has a 2-2 record against the spread. They recently won 42-28 against Arizona State, a team struggling this season.

Chris acknowledges that USC is generally perceived as the stronger team, with a high-powered offense led by Caleb Williams. USC ranks highly in various offensive statistics. However, their defense has been struggling, allowing 364.5 total yards per game and having issues against both the run and the pass.

Colorado’s weakness lies in their rushing game, where they rank last in the country, averaging only 1.9 yards per carry. Their strength is their passing game, ranking highly in passing yards per game, completions per game, and completion percentage.

Despite USC being favored by 21.5 points (with some lines at 22), Chris believes Colorado can keep up and potentially cover the spread. He mentions the early kickoff time, which could affect USC’s performance, and expects Colorado to make enough big plays to stay competitive.

In conclusion, Chris picks Colorado +21.5 (or +22) as his free pick for this game. He encourages viewers to subscribe to their channel, check out their best bets on, and use their free betting tools. Chris signs off, thanking the audience for watching.

In summary, Chris discusses the Colorado vs. USC college football matchup, highlighting USC’s potent offense and Colorado’s strong passing game. He predicts that Colorado can cover the spread due to USC’s defensive struggles and the early kickoff time. Chris recommends Colorado +21.5 (or +22) as his free pick.

FAQ : 

  1. When is the Colorado vs USC college football game scheduled for 2023?

    The game is scheduled for Saturday, September 30th, 2023.

  2. What is the record of both teams going into this matchup?

    Colorado enters the game with a 3-1 record, while USC is undefeated at 4-0.

  3. How has USC’s offense been performing this season?

    USC’s offense has been impressive, ranking third in the country in total yardage and second in yards per play.

  4. What are Colorado’s strengths and weaknesses in this matchup?

    Colorado excels in their passing game, ranking highly in passing yards per game and completions per game. However, their rushing game has been a weakness, ranking last in the country.

  5. Why does the early kickoff time matter in this game?

    The early kickoff time, at 10 AM in Colorado, can potentially affect USC’s performance as their players might not be accustomed to playing at that time. It’s a factor to consider when predicting the outcome.

  6. What is the recommended betting pick for this Colorado vs USC matchup?

    he recommended pick in this analysis is Colorado +21.5 (or +22), with the belief that they can cover the spread against USC.

  7. Where can I find more betting tools and information on this game?

    You can find additional betting tools and in-depth analysis on this game at, as mentioned in the content.

  8. Are there any other key players or factors to watch for in this matchup?

    The content mentions Caleb Williams as a key player for USC, considered a Heisman front runner. Additionally, USC’s defensive struggles and Colorado’s potential for big plays are factors to watch.

  9. Where can I get more information about college football matchups and betting picks?

    For more information about college football matchups and expert betting picks, you can visit and explore their premium picks and betting tools.

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