Ownership and Funding

Ownership and Funding Disclosure for bowmonkey.com

At bowmonkey.com, we are committed to transparency in all aspects of our operations, including ownership and funding. We believe it is essential to provide our readers with clear and comprehensive information about the individuals or entities that own the publication and the sources of our financial support:


  • Bowmonkey.com is independently owned and operated by [Owner’s Name or Entity].
  • [Owner’s Name or Entity] is responsible for editorial decisions, content creation, and the overall management of the publication.


  • Bowmonkey.com is primarily funded through the following sources:
    1. Advertising Revenue: We generate revenue through advertising partnerships with various companies and organizations. These partnerships do not influence our editorial content, and we maintain strict editorial independence.
    2. Subscriptions: We may offer subscription plans to our readers who wish to access premium or exclusive content. These subscription fees contribute to the sustainability of our publication.
    3. Grants and Donations: On occasion, we may receive grants or donations from foundations, philanthropic organizations, or individuals who support our journalistic mission. These funds are used to support specific projects or initiatives, and we maintain editorial independence in our reporting.

Advertiser Influence:

  • While we accept advertising to support our operations, we maintain a strict separation between advertising and editorial content. Advertisers do not have any control over our editorial decisions or the content we publish.
  • Advertisers and sponsors are clearly identified as such in our content when their products, services, or messages are featured.

Editorial Independence:

  • Our editorial team operates independently of our funding sources and ownership. Editorial decisions, including story selection, reporting, and content creation, are made based on journalistic principles and ethical guidelines.
  • We have established an ethics policy (see our Ethics Policy) to ensure the integrity and impartiality of our reporting.

Transparency and Accountability:

  • We are committed to maintaining transparency in our operations and financial disclosures. We are accountable to our readers and take their feedback and concerns seriously.
  • Any significant changes in ownership, funding sources, or partnerships will be promptly disclosed to our readers.

Updates to Ownership and Funding Disclosure:

  • This ownership and funding disclosure statement may be updated as needed to reflect changes in our ownership structure, funding sources, or practices. We will provide notice of any updates to our readers.

At bowmonkey.com, we believe that transparency about our ownership and funding sources is fundamental to maintaining trust and credibility with our readers. We are dedicated to providing accurate, independent, and reliable journalism while upholding the highest standards of transparency and accountability.